BARBACOA JERKY: Taste a Mexican tradition that others can only read about.


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Our Spices

The ancient technique of preparing & cooking meat Barbacoa Style promised the perfect blend of exotic spices and tastes of Mexico.

OUr Meat

Our jerky is using 100% Premium meats, sliced to the perfect cut, then thourougly marinated (not injected) before drying in our smokehouse to create a jerky like no other.

This form of cooking results in a moist and succulent meat known for its rich and strong flavors unique to Mexico’s land.

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2. Best Quality Meats


After Suppliers pass our extensive screening process, only 100% premium Top Round U.S. meats are used. Top Round is specifically chosen for its tender, juicy, little to no fat, and flavorful meat profile

1. About Barbacoa


It all starts with responsible sourcing and knowing where our ingredients come from. At Barbacoa Sabor, all of our suppliers go through a rigorous approval process to ensure that only the highest standard of quality is met. This includes uncompromising quality of ingredients, 'above and beyond' Good Manufacturing Practices and superb traceability programs.

3. Barbacoa Concept


Barbacoa is a form of cooking meat that started in old ancient Mayan Times. It best described as an old form of 'slow cooking'. Our concept is to emulate the flavor and texture profile of Barbacoa into Jerky. This means using only natural ingredients from Mexico.

4. Preparing the Meat


There is no compromise when it comes to preparing the meat. At Barbacoa Sabor, each slice of meat is delicately marinated by hand to ensure an even spread all around the meat, resulting in excellent tastes throughout.

5. Barbacoa Cooking Process


The Marinated meat is wrapped in agave or banana leaves to lock in the flavors and dropped into a Barbacoa pit. The pit is lit on fire to begin the Barbacoa process. After the perfect cook time and temperature, the Barbacoa process is complete. This results in a moist, succulent, and extremely tasty meat. Only Barbacoa Sabor Jerky has perfected the tastes and textures of real Barbacoa

6. Authentic Mexican Recipe


Barbacoa Sabor stays true to its course. Besides the meats (from the U.S.), all ingredients are from Mexico. Barbacoa Sabor strives to continue to provide customers with a full line of authentic Mexican flavors and nothing else. Keep checking back to see what flavor we are up to next!

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